San Francisco All Hands - June 2017 has ended
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Liz Henry

Firefox Release Manager
San Francisco
Mozilla related: Bugs, Firefox release process, crashes, crash stats, Bugzilla, QA

Everything else: Books! Science fiction and fantasy, history, especially. I read a lot and love to hear what other people enjoy reading. I enjoy hoaxes, mysteries, and complicated online investigations. Feminism. Hackerspaces. Feminist science fiction/fantasy. Book awards. Poetry and zines. I have lived on a houseboat and in co-ops/communes.

Disability FAQ: So I don't have to say this 500 times individually: I've been a wheelchair user (arthritis in various joints) on and off for 20 years. Manual wheelchair until just a few years ago; now I have a powerchair (an electric battery powered wheelchair). I can walk a little but it is painful. No, I really do not want to hear about your homeopathy/fabulous remedy/acupuncture/unasked for medical advice. The powerchair I have now is a Whill Model CI. Yes, you can try driving my chair around, if I have time, just ask -- it's really fun!